in your face

"There are several quantities of human faces, but there are many more faces, for each person has several." - Rilke

I just have to add that I think our Simpson versions of ourselves are scary good. I don't know if that's positive or negative really. Mostly I just think it's funny.


more monty

Just a frame I personally liked as I'm editing through my work. I took this one for me.


the full monty

The folks over at Alpine Theatre Project asked me to do their production shots for The Full Monty and I had a blast shooting it. Their final show is tomorrow and I highly recommend catching it if you can. It's a great show and they have worked so hard to make it that way.


what's new pussy cat

I don't know if there is really anything more to say. More from the production shots. I just thought these were hillarious.


pete & keely

I took this promo shot for our local equity theatre's production of Peet & Keely. They are going to use it...along with several others, to cerate faux album covers for the show. I just thought this one for their Christmas album was hilarious. Check back soon for more.


scenes from a wedding

This weekend I had the chance to shoot a wedding in Missoula of a friend of Lido's he's known since he was super tiny. It was a beautiful ceremony and they had perfect weather. It couldn't have been any prettier.Kynda during the ceremony.

The bride and her bridesmaids handmade each of the paper flowers for the napkin rings. That is a lot of work!

The bride and groom.

Father of the bride waiting for her to arrive.

Congrats to the happy couple and best of luck in San Francisco!!


the circus comes to town

The circus came to town yesterday and these were a few of my favorite shots. I've never actually seen a circus under an old tent that is full of holes and looks like something out of a movie. This one was everything from wild colors, to elephant rides, to trapeze work, to a lion tamer. Makes you kind of want to run away with the circus.

fashion fun OR isn't my friend a good sport

This week I convinced my very nice friend Kerianne to do some fashion shooting with me here while the weather is lovely. I'm sure she said yes just thinking it would be fun hanging out with her crazy photo friend. She most likely didn't anticipate the swarming mosquitoes, yoga-like poses, and overall ridiculousness I would subject her to. A great sport, she showed up to her office the next day with a swollen cheek thanks to a bug bite she received while taking the top shot. She also turned her experience into fodder for her job. At least we both got something out of the deal.

Thanks Kerianne - you rock.


happy 4th of july

We spent the weekend relaxing and enjoying outside time at Tally Lake. I took a break from photos for the most part but I liked this little boy and girl at the lake. They make me feel relaxed

On the other hand, these kids (below) were mostly heinously scary. They were shooting fireworks off the end of a dock at Flathead Lake on the 4th. Needless to say one of them shot a firework into the crowd of people watching. Everyone left with all appendages in tack but I'm surprised. It was like a childhood apocalypse.

And on that note happy independence day~


alice ritzman for montana magazine

I recently did this portrait of former LPGA golfer Alice Ritzman for Montana Magazine's July/Aug 08 issue. She was a super cool lady and I had a great time hanging out with her on the course. We had to reschedule the shoot multiple times because it kept snowing or raining, which doesn't look very summery. The new issue is on stands now. Check it out!


sleepy hollow or montana?

We spent this weekend hiking around the woods and enjoying Montana summer. I am thrilled to have warm weather and miles of outdoor space to explore. I'm looking forward to more weekends like this.