the best ever

It was so nice to be with my friends over the holidays. So to my ladies out there thanks for an awesome month in Atlanta! I miss you girls.


christmas and kudzu

More antiques. This time at the antique store Kudzu. I really enjoyed finding fun Georgia stuff (like the B-Dog salt and pepper shakers). I also loved finding an entire wall of Christmas salt and pepper shakers. You know you're a nerd when you get excited about salt and pepper shakers.

Go Dawgs and Merry Christmas!


love and the classic city

I had a chance to do an engagement shoot back in Athens, Georgia today for an old college friend and her fiance. They were a pleasure to work with and it was great to hang out and catch up on our lives a bit. You could tell they genuinely care for each other and Athens was a great background to play with. Thanks for a fun afternoon guys and look for an email this week with your proofs.


three girls, a room full of people, and annie leibovitz

Last night I had the chance to hear Annie Leibovitz speak to a gym full of people at the Marcus JCC in Atlanta. We parked at a different location and took a shuttle to the location which promptly sat in traffic heading to the event for about 2o minutes. Once we arrived I was amazed just how many people were attending. Tons.

I spent last weekend at the Atlanta Photojournalism Conference where I heard several accomplished photographers speak. In the end felt like most of the current shooters were pretty scared about losing their jobs or being turned into videographers. It was highly refreshing to see a room full of people clamoring to hear this one photographer speak about her body of work. Not everyone was a photographer. Lots of people just really enjoyed her work, or avidly read Vanity Fair, or were just a little interested in photography. They were willing to sit, wait, and listen. I often think that in today's digital age of immediate gratification people are no longer patient enough for a single photo. They are already on to the next thing. So for one night it was nice to sit with a group of people who wanted to know more about photography and just look at a photo or two.

Thanks to my friend Brooke for the free tix to the show. Here she is looking for a friend of ours in the audience.

Brooke's signiture boots.

Carleigh, me, and Brooke kicking it on the back wall before the lecture. Thanks for a fun night ladies.


the great herman miller chair search of 2008

So I spent most of today hanging out with my very good friend Katie and wandering through antique stores in Chamblee. I use to go here quite a bit the last time I was living in Atlanta. It was fun to go with Katie since she is currently in the process of decorating her new house. While she was looking for Eames chairs and a Herman Miller rocker, I was getting lost in the the craziness that is antique stores.

I am not one for random self portraits ... but I liked this one with the crazy masks.

I'm not quite sure this thing above is an "antique" exactly but it was crazy. It made me think of both a crazy dentist office and that mouth that use to advertise Twizzlers.

Katie eyeing a table she wants for her living room. Really I think both of us could have taken home a lot of things here.

I will say in the end I got lots of Christmas shopping done and I'm pretty excited to wrap my gifts up and stick them under the tree (or in the mail as the case may be).


not just a photo nerd

but a photo nerd with a new business card:

I think this is what happens listening to Madeleine Peyroux and playing with Illustrator.

man and beast

"The dog is man's best friend.
He has a tail on one end.
Up in front he has teeth.
And four legs underneath."

- Ogden Nash - An Introduction to Dogs

I had the chance to do this fun shoot last weekend. Dave was so nice and his dog was even nicer. It was a fun chance to get outdoors and enjoy Whitefish before the snow really comes (ie now). I'm back in the Southland now so look out for some upcoming posts on Southern sillyness, my friends, and all things Georgia.