a swift kick

So today is somewhat of an economic bummer if you have anything to do with the stock market. But if your an employee at Creative Loafing things just got a little more depressing. The company, which owns alternative weeklies in Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, Tampa and Sarasota, filed for bankruptcy.

And as if that isn't enough yucky Monday news the Orphan Works bill has passed through the house. Find out who your local representative in the Senate is and call now to tell them that this bill isn't acceptable for creative professionals.

If print media isn't dead, today sure gave it a swift kick in the gut.



Working on the old portfolio and doing some fashion layouts. It's been on my to-do list for a while and I'm finally getting around to it. Enjoy!


fall on my step and le petit elephant

It's fall at my house. Officially. There are leaves on the step and tomorrow morning I will hear kids laughing and gossiping on their way to school. So here are some photos from my sidewalk here in Montana.

Along with that is some back to school reading from writer Adam Gopnik on children's literature favorite Babar. And if that together isn't enough fall fun you can start a new project for free and be done before Thanksgiving. Happy Fall!


taste of summer

I've been working on a project over the summer and this is a production shot from it of the lovely Mike Eldred. The project is still in production but I could not resist sharing this photo. I mean... who wouldn't look awesome on the edge of a cliff like this?


a little bit of pretty

This shot pretty much exemplifies the opposite of how I am feeling lately. Watching politics and the news is so depressing and upsetting for the most part that I've been spending more time away from the TV and focusing on the good stuff in life. I loved the light and color in this shot so I thought I'd share. A little bit of pretty while the rest of the world gets pretty ugly. Can I vote for Jodi here for president?


glacier morning

I shot this halfway up the hike to Hidden Lake in Glacier last Sunday. Makes me wonder why I'm not in the park everyday.


montana adventures

My wonderful friend Madeline came to visit from Atlanta this weekend. I had a fantastic time showing her around Montana and the Flathead Valley. Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to make you really appreciate where you are. It was so nice to be able to share this place with a great friend. Here are some pics from our travels:

Awesome couple on the chairlift down from Big Mountain in Whitefish.
Our view from the summit.
Most importantly our feet.

Madeline on the Hidden Lake trail in Glacier National Park.

Madeline hanging out at St. Mary's Lake in Glacier.

Me at St. Mary' Lake = how happy I was to have friends come visit!


the other side of the island

Alpine Theatre Project is closing it's summer season with the World Premier of "The Other Side of the Island," an adaptation of the Tempest by Olympia Dukakis. Olympia also stars as the lead in the adaptation, Prospera. I shot production photos of the show last night and these are a couple of images. It's a beautiful show and if you are living in Northwest Montana or will be visiting this weekend you should go before it closes.


little fall

It's starting. It's small now but soon it will take over entire fields and forests. Cold winds will wrap around this valley and I will be forced into a wool sweater. I love the Fall but I've never seen it start ON Labor Day. All of a sudden it is chilly, I'm watching football, and the leaves are changing. These are just a few little pieces of fall but I'm sure there will be many more photos to come.


drama time on labor day

Summer is rapidly coming to a close in Montana...it already feels like Fall and leaves are starting to change. It's hard to believe from here that hurricanes are happening and that summer is really still in full swing down South. Production shots have been the order of the day since July for me. These are always fun shoots full of great color and interesting light. With Summer coming to a close and fall knocking on the door it seems fitting to post more of this summertime work.