you are spring to me, all things to me

Spring has finally, fully reached Montana. Every year, just when I think I can't quite take anymore, Winter finally eases off and let's Spring in. And I am always ridiculously thrilled. Farmers markets are open, grass needs mowing, and the Flathead Lake cherry trees are blooming.

If you've never had a Flathead cherry you are truly missing out. They are so delicious and such a simple Montana Summer treat. Last year, my friend and I bought a giant sack of them and ate them on a drive home from Missoula. I'm surprised anything but pits made it back with us at all.

So here's to Spring -- I know most of the rest of the country has already enjoyed it and is moving on to Summer....but sometimes the best things take a little longer in Montana.


published: montana magazine -- bigfork playhouse

This year the Bigfork Playhouse celebrates 50 years. I spent some time last summer shooting this feature on the playhouse and this milestone while the company presented a production of "Footloose." This story is featured in this month's issue of Montana Magazine and here are a couple of the images from the story, plus a couple of outtakes.

published: montana magazine -- nancy cawdrey

Earlier this year I shot this feature on Bigfork artist Nancy Cawdrey for Montana Magazine. She was absolutely delightful and welcomed me into her studio while she was working on a piece she was commissioned to do celebrating the Centennial of Glacier National Park. Her work is vibrant watercolor on silk and was a welcome antidote to the dreary winter weather outside when I was there. These are a few of the images from that shoot (including a couple that didn't run with the article).