you are spring to me, all things to me

Spring has finally, fully reached Montana. Every year, just when I think I can't quite take anymore, Winter finally eases off and let's Spring in. And I am always ridiculously thrilled. Farmers markets are open, grass needs mowing, and the Flathead Lake cherry trees are blooming.

If you've never had a Flathead cherry you are truly missing out. They are so delicious and such a simple Montana Summer treat. Last year, my friend and I bought a giant sack of them and ate them on a drive home from Missoula. I'm surprised anything but pits made it back with us at all.

So here's to Spring -- I know most of the rest of the country has already enjoyed it and is moving on to Summer....but sometimes the best things take a little longer in Montana.


The Modern Gal said...

Those photos are making it very hard for me to stop myself from getting in the car and driving to Montana right now. So beautiful.

jessica lowry said...

Do it! Just get in your car and drive. Lido and I will have a delicious meal ready when you get here. :)