wintereverafter walk

Sometimes it's nice to just take a little break. A little walk. And look around.

It was a quiet Sunday and I took a break outside to just walk around and shoot for myself. It was a nice treat. I've been working on lots of the administrative (sometimes boring) side of photo stuff so it was nice to be outside. My brain needed a little break from bookkeeping, mailings, and filing receipts.

Now back to work.


Female Mushers at Flathead Sled Dog Days

Lido and I spent some time recently at the Flathead Sled Dog Days in Olney, Montana. Everyone was very nice and and I was struck by how many female participants there were. One of them is even going on to a race in Alaska later this year. The whole experience was really fun but REALLY cold. That being said I'm very happy to be in my warm little house now as I write this.


Flyfishing Women

It's a balmy 30 degrees here and so I'm thinking back to warmer times. Times when I actually would want to get in the water. This shoot of Hilary and her sister fly fishing in the Flathead River was such fun. These two really love the outdoors and were great to let me tag along. I'm going to think about these pics when I really can't take winter anymore.


good morning montana

After quite a crazy night last night, this is what Montana gave me this morning. Love it.