fall is here :: summer leftovers

This summer went by in typical whirlwind Montana fashion. I'm sad to see it go but so far Fall is shaping up to be busy and full of travel so I can't ask for much more. These are just a couple lost frames to welcome September back.


glacier park :: end of summer

Today Lido and I took a little drive into Glacier Park today for some Labor Day adventure fun. At Logan's Pass it was snowy, windy -- really downright miserable. But we kept on driving into East Glacier and eventually outran the storm that was chasing us. While we didn't hike as much as I would have liked we did get to see some of the park I normally don't make it to. I have a tendency to stick on the western half of the park and I'm glad we hung out on the other side today instead. Logan's Pass will be closing early this year so we took our last opportunity to drive all the way through to the East side and back around home to Whitefish. While the snow at the top of the pass drove home just how over Summer is -- it was still a perfect way to spend the day.