trego thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving Lido and I packed up the car with his Mom and headed up to Trego. This is the Vizzutti family homestead and his cousin Katie and her boyfriend Keith now live there. We had a great time hanging out with everyone and I snapped some photos while we were there. It was nice to have a break from everything and just enjoy yummy food and good people.
Lindsey on the echo stump.

Lido calling his Grandparents to say Happy Thanksgiving while Keith prepares dinner.

Keith with a newly killed deer.

Katie and Lindsey.

Lido and I got into a camera war. This is one of the frames. I love it!

Andrea outside of the woodshed.

Awesome birds that I am going to learn how to make! How cute are they? My first attempt was horrible but I bet if I practice....

Andrea and Katie outside the woodshed.

Thanks for a great Thanksgiving everyone!


i'm thankful for:

So yesterday around 11pm Mountain time I got a text message that I am thankful for:

"Happy Thanksgiving! Be grateful its only one day a year that you have to eat yams with marshmallows and play monopoly with your drunk uncle Lloyd!"

I didn't eat any yams with marshmallows or play monopoly. I also don't have an uncle Lloyd or know who sent this text message. But man it made my day. Happy Thanksgiving!


jim flora

I love these whimsical and somewhat dark illustrations from Jim Flora. You can check out more of his work here and pick something up for me for Christmas.

It also reminds me of this cartoon from when I was a kid....wonder if it's the same guy or they just have the same hip, jazzy style:


design nerd takes a weekend

This weekend flew by faster than I could even imagine. But don't worry.... I managed to cram in lots of nerdo time. My man (here) and I watched Helvetica. That's right. The documentary of the font. It was great. We then tried to count how many places here in Whitefish use the font. The answer was not really that many (mostly street signs). But watch out Copperplate fans...Montana might be your font heaven.

Also: I caught this mini film from both Lido and our good friend Nate:

You can check out the whole story on Nate or Lido's blogs. It's pretty sweet to think that sneaking into John Lennon's hotel room could result in such a cool creation.

All in all a fun design nerd weekend.


montana fashionistas

So in the past week I have been to two fashion shows here in Montana. It's been fun to see what local stores have ready for the holidays. Really -- it's just great to see people getting out and doing things to bring the community together. So I'm sharing a couple images here from the last one I attended. The show featured clothes from the store Fawn in Kalispell and Savannah's Boutique in Whitefish.


a vegetable medley of internet fun

OK...so there's really no veggies. But this is a hodgepodge of cool stuff I like out on the internet.

A cute synopsis of the political system can be found here. I'm a big fan of Patrick Moberg's work and A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy so there you have it.

You can make your own canvas prints of photos on this website. Check it out they are running holiday specials.

And if I just had money lying around I'd buy this. And then you'd find me reading my New Yorker in it daily.

Ok..enjoy. And I promise there will be more photos soon.



I'm slow in updating lately but I've just been slammed with work stuff. Today's tidbit is a project a friend of mine worked on that I think is really interesting. Check out the trailer and I'll post more info when it's released.


Mike Eldred "Hear Me" in HD

I worked this summer as an associate producer, location manager, and now film editor on this project. More to come but so far it has been great to really learn some new skills.

headshot funtimes

I recently took some head shots for my friend Jess and I thought I'd share this one. I was really happy with it and I think Jess was too. I had a great time doing the shoot even if we were fighting against some gnarly wind. :) Thanks Jess!


lightness from above

Everything is blooming most recklessly, if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. -- Rilke


dear cafe intermezzo,

i miss you. i visit every chance i get when i'm in the area but it is still never enough. please forgive me. i hope these pictures can make up for my lack of attention:


ps: i'll be back soon i promise.

home sweet mid century home

My really good friends recently purchased a new home in Metro Atlanta. It's a classic mid century modern home and I can't wait to see what they are going to do with it. I'm so excited for them and it has been a long road to owning their own home. I can only imagine how happy they are to just shut the door and have a place of their own. Congrats guys!


lets do the charleston

Lido and I took a couple days away from Atlanta to visit Charleston, South Carolina while we were on vacation. The weather was chilly but we had a great time wandering around the battery, having drinks at The Library and Rooftop Bar, and drinking lots of coffee. These are some images from the trip.
In the car from Isle of Palm to Charleston.

A view from the Battery.

Pretty buildings downtown.

An awesome English pub in Charleston. Yummy beer and food. And lots of dollar bills on the walls.

One of my favorite places to grab food. Traditional French fare for not too much. I had an apple tart and coffee: it made me want to move back to France.

Horse and buggy tours outside an art gallery we warmed up in.

This was the perfect place to hang before heading back to Montana for winter. I'm so glad we were able to fit in some down time here.

take it to the bridge

So I can't get enough of these photos from Emily's wedding. Not because I think I'm that awesome of a photographer, but because it was just the BEST time. I could have hung out with everyone so much more.

I think we should start an "Emily's Wedding Fun Reunion" that meets every five years. Then I'd get to see all these great people at least twice in a decade. :)


presidential cute

I don't normally think of cute and president in the same sentence but that's how I feel about this illustration (via):

and the winner is...

Good morning and welcome to a new era. After last night's historical election I thought I'd share some of my favorite front pages from around the world. It's always interesting to see how different papers handle historic events. From Chicago to Jakarta the world is focused on our new President-Elect. I chose most of the fronts for their great design or historical significance. I also picked a few from outside the United States just because it's always interesting to see what the rest of the world is thinking.


get out and vote

It's finally here. Election Day.

No matter what you choose get out and vote today. I'm mostly just super pumped that people will stop calling my house to tell me to vote for Obama or McCain. Have fun out there today.

Also check out this interactive graphic from the NYTimes. Pretty interesting.


atlanta trip and old friends

I just got back from an extended trip to Atlanta, my hometown. My best friend got married and I was the maid of honor in her wedding. I had a fabulous time and couldn't be happier for Emily and Chris. They are some of my most favorite people and I was honored to be a part of their day.

These are just a few images from the trip. More to come for sure!

Touching down in Atlanta:

Emily put her feet up for a minute before the ceremony. I just think this is the cutest:

Old friends at the rehearsal dinner:
The Koch men hang out at Sun in My Belly during the rehearsal dinner:
Kim grabs a last minute touch up with her lipstick:
Emily's dress was amazing. It was only the second one she tried on. I can see why she didn't need to go further:
Bridesmaids waiting before the wedding. Everyone looked so beautiful and it was so great to see so many people I love. More images to come from this trip but I wanted to get these up before I got swept away with going back to work and all that brings with it. I miss you guys already!