Stop - St. Thomas Time

More from the St. Thomas outtakes file. I just loved these colors.


Young Farmers Project: Jason and Laura Mann

Say hello to Jason Mann, 33, and his wife Laura, 32. Together this young couple owns Full Moon Farms in Watkinsville, Georgia. Originally a history and philosophy major at Berkley, Jason has spent the last 11 years involved in farming. Now he runs Full Moon Farms and owns Farm 255, a restaurant serving the farm's organic food in downtown Athens, Georgia.

In addition to running the farm and dealing with the restaurant, Jason is committed to bringing more people into farming. "My best crop is future farmers," says Mann and it seems to be the case. Among the twenty-somethings crew working at Full Moon Farms is Jared Pickard, 25, originally from New Jersey. Pickard left a job in finance to pursue farm work and has been doing so since February. He now works as a Farmers Apprentice on the farm and has started a blog documenting his time there.

From left to right: Jason Mann, 33, Moose Terry, 24, and Jared Pickard, 25 work the field on an early morning in May.

A place setting at Farm 255 in Athens.

Left: Farm 255 entrance. Right: Farm 255's Bloody Mary made with farm fresh ingredients.

Farm 255's Butcher Board: housemade pork sausage, pastrami, pork liver mousse, trotters, 
boiled egg, sauerkraut, housemade pickles, grilled casatillo brea.

Farm 255's Mojito with mint from Full Moon Farms.

Digging in to the Butcher Board.

Mann is committed to bring his organic food to as many people as possible. The newly opened Farmburger in Decatur, Georgia is now serving his grass fed beef burgers nightly. For Mann this is just the next step in connecting people with their food. Mann is commited to "a new role for restaurants and transforming our food systems." Between his farm, his staff, and his two restaurants he's off to a good start.


St. Thomas :: Outtakes

It was rainy when we landed in St. Thomas, USVI. But despite the rain it was ridiculously beautiful. The islands, the people, the water. In the coming weeks there will be more images to come from this trip (once I have time to sit and edit them all out). But for now here are a couple of outtakes. Cheers to the islands.


Planes. Cars. Boats.

I'm back in Montana after a month of travel in the South and Caribbean. In the next coming weeks look for travel focused posts here as well as more profiles on Young Farmers across the country. I'm so happy to be back in Montana and am hoping to zip through some major editing projects so I can get back outside where it is sunny and beautiful here. It might be a while but I'm really so happy to be back in the mountains.

Left: View from a villa in St. Thomas, USVI. Right: Cacti at Trunk Bay, USVI.