McCain in 2000

As promised here are some photos from the campaign trail of John McCain....from 2000. I actually think it's pretty interesting to look back now at McCain running against George Bush. It's kind of like he's doing the same thing now.

Happy Voting Everyone!


campaign photos

This is a pretty sweet collection of photos on the Obama campaign. I promise to find something comparable for McCain but for today this is all I have. The photos are pretty awesome (via).


new website :: www.jessicalowry.com

Lots of hard work has paid off and the new www.jessicalowry.com is up and running. Check it out and let me know what you think.


outdoor time

These are some more images from the shoot I did with Keriann this week. It was really cold up on Big Mountain so the shoot went pretty quick. Pretty soon this spot will be covered with snow. I'm glad we had a chance to get up their before the snow that is headed here tonight.


more fashion fun OR how long till my friend wants to kill me

My friend Keriann is the best. I mean really. She keeps letting me take fashion photos of her in a variety of ridiculous situations. Really -- the photos look very normal. But in real life these shoots are often very silly. For this particular portion of the shoot someone was trying to dock their boat while we were shooting. Granted -- no one got bit by tons of mosquitoes (like the first time) and we didn't tresspass (like the second time) but still. It was slightly ridiculous to ask Keriann to look serious as some teenage boys docked their fancy boat.

As always you are a professional Keriann. Thanks so much for always helping me improve my portfolio.


welcome miss scarlett

I did a portrait session with Rachel, Cory, and their new little one Scarlett. She was adorable and the family was a blast to work with. These are some of the images from our shoot. I should have the gallery up to purchase prints finished by Monday. Thanks guys!


montana golf = end of fall

Lido and I hung out with some friends on Sunday and went golfing (and by we hung out I mean Keriann and I drank lots of coffee while our boyfriends played golf in freezing cold weather). While the weather was unpredictable, when the sun came out it was wonderful.
And here are our friends Alex and Keriann. I'm really just sharing this photo to razz Alex.

I think you are on notice now sir. They are calling for snow this week so really I suppose it is me on notice but whatever.


flathead orthopedic

I did an advertising shoot with the friendly doctors at Flathead Orthopedic this week. They were very patient with me and I appreciated them managing to fit me in between surgeries. Thanks guys!


these are a few of my favorite things

Who doesn't love cosmopolitans? I know I do and I took some time on the lake today to shoot them. Cheers.

day to day

These are just some people that make my everyday life here fun. I have been working a lot lately so there will be more editorial related content soon, but for now here are just some people I think are awesome.