I caught a quick glimpse of myself in the mirror of the truck I was riding in while working in a mint field this week. It's no DNC but it smelled good.

On that note there is some awesome DNC coverage out there including:

LUCEO Images

The Denver Post


my friend Keriann's blog.


Nikon Camera Blurs the Lines

Nikon is releasing the new D90 next month and it is basically being billed as a really awesome camera for non-professional photographers. But in today's world of iReport, blogging, and citizen journalism, I'm not sure if it really matters anymore as long as the content rocks.

Most important: the camera is the first SLR with the ability to record video.

That's an awesome tool to have when your editor wants you to be a one man show. It does make me wonder if it could eventually change how we all take pictures. Remember when there was a time when you couldn't chimp? Maybe people will soon talk longingly of the days when they still took single frames instead of pulling an image out of their video take.


darkness & light

"I need a camera to my eye
To my eye, reminding
Which lies I have been hiding
which echoes belong
I've counted out days
to see how far
I've driven in the dark
with echoes in my heart" -- Wilco


best friends/party time/st. louis/musical chairs

These are my friends Chris and Emily:

They rock. And they love Paris. And they are getting married.

I spent the weekend visiting them in St. Louis with a bunch of their other friends. Here they are making breakfast on Saturday morning. It was delicious.
Some of their friends in St. Louis threw them a party while I was there:
We all had a delicious dinner that included a cupcake dessert:
And then of course it was time for musical chairs:


orient express montana style

Last night I had the opportunity to ride along on a dinner to raise funds for the 911 Foundation. Their monies help support first responders in our area and enable them to provide superior service to the Flathead community. The train was beautiful and I couldn't believe the views we had. These are just some images from the trip.

Maren Olsen walks to board the train Tuesday afternoon in Whitefish.

Susan Catalano, a worker who stays with this train, boards before the trip begins.

looking into the dining car ...

This was our final stop where we had dinner. The train then turned around.

Larry Turner watches over the dining car. My favorite image of the night.


fly fishing and maury povich?

Last week Lido's company had a dinner at the home of their newspaper's backer: Maury Povich and Connie Chung. They were so nice and their home has an awesome view. In addition to views it has a fully stocked fishing pond that yielded several trout to a couple fly fishermen (including Lido). It was a great time and turns out Maury and Connie are ridiculously nice.


it's brendan ..... it's brendan time

So Lido's friend Brendan is a superb trumpet player and came to visit and work in Whitefish for a couple weeks before heading off to his new job as a Professor in Hawaii. Before he left I did some headshots for him so he could be all professional on arrival. But I also just had some fun and played around. It was super fun and Lido and I can't wait to go hang in Hilo as soon as we possibly can.

Here's serious Brendan:

Brendan risking life and limb on a tire swing:

Lido's Brendan:

Congrats on your new job and we'll see you soon!


i <3 montana

There isn't much time left. It's August and I know that means fall is here sooner than I'd like. But for now it's summer and Montana is everything I love. We went fishing down the Bitterroot this weekend and this was on the drive home:

lots of buffalo:


down the bitterroot

one more for today...
fly fishing on the bitterroot from this weekend. it was great to just get away and peace out on the water.

red, ___ + blue

These are just some outtakes from the production shoot I did a couple weeks ago. I wanted to find one that was mainly white too but sadly that was not to be found in this take. Maybe another time. Really...I just liked these images and I thought they were funky.