2011 End of the Year Wrap

Oh hey. I haven't been posting here much lately but it is more because I've been working and shooting and traveling and basically -- not blogging. I sat down to do an end of the year wrap up and I don't have much to post. I have several stories that people are sitting on till next year. Until they are published I don't have tons that I can post here....so...this will be a short wrap up.

In more ways than one this was a growth year for my business as a photographer. I'm still growing in my shooting but if I could show images of how much more organized my business life is it would be boring but accurate. Oh -- and the whole getting married thing was kind of a major part of things -- but I didn't take photos of that. So instead I'll just show you neat locations ... does that even out?

View of Glacier National Park from a helicopter ride in June.

Bikers -- East Glacier, Montana.

View from St. Mary's -- East Glacier, Montana

Two images from the Lorraine Motel in Memphis where Martin Luther King Jr. was killed.

Those were some of the more memorable locations I visited this year that I can show without spoiling publications for next year. As things move forward there should be more work on the blog but till then Happy New Year!!


September 11, 2011

On September 11th 2001 I was living in the Oglethorpe dorm on The University of Georgia campus. My friend Katie and I had gone to breakfast at Espresso Royale in downtown Athens. While we were drinking our coffee a random person ran into the coffee shop and shouted to everyone that a plane had hit the World Trade Center and then ran out. We all kind of looked around, commented that it was strange, and assumed he was just a crazy person. It wasn't until we got into the car where NPR was reporting the attack and playing live audio from Ground Zero that we realized the man who ran into the coffee shop wasn't crazy.

My friends and I watched the news together on the TV in our dorm later that morning. We ate lunch together in the O-House dining hall where they were playing the news over the radio so we all would know what was happening. Everyone ate in silence as we listened to the news. Class was canceled the next day and I have a distinct memory of going to sit out on the quad, sun shining, to take some time away from the radios and T.V.s that were continually giving us the news. I remember thinking how strange it was for everything where I was sitting to feel just like every other day but knowing that it wasn't the same at all.

I wasn't a photojournalism major yet, but I did take a point and shoot disposable camera around town in the following days. A group of us took candles to light at The Arch and I took a photo of the memorial set up there by students, teachers, and community members. I took the second photo of The Georgia Theater a couple days later. I'm grateful for these photos now. They represent a time of unity in a place I love. That time of unity seemed to dissolve so quickly to the divisive place our country is today.

As I step back to reflect on September 11th today, I hope we can remember a time when we came together as people despite our differences. It is one of the strongest impressions I was left with from this time.


Published :: Rick Bass for Smithsonian Magazine ::

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of shooting author Rick Bass for Smithsonian Magazine. It was late spring in Montana which means it's still a hell of a lot colder here than most other places in the country. Mr. Bass had written a piece on why he loves living in Missoula, Montana for the Smithsonian. I spent a couple of days in Missoula shooting places he particularly liked before our time together for portraits.

Bass is known for being an author particularly enamored with place. Originally from the South he has been out West for the majority of his career. His most recent book focuses on the controversial movement of oil from Canada into the U.S. on highways running through rural Idaho and Montana. He was a pleasure to talk to and we discovered he takes yoga classes at the same spot as my assistant. Always a good way to start off a session. Despite the freezing temps and gusty wind Mr. Bass was more than happy to spend some time with us on the banks of the Clark Fork River. The fish were just starting to rise as we left.

You can see more of the images from this shoot and read the accompanying story on the Smithsonian website here.


Echo Lake Cafe - Extra Serving

Earlier this week I posted about a shoot I did for Montana Magazine about Echo Lake Cafe. Echo Lake Cafe sources local organic food and is a favorite among locals. These were some outtakes that didn't get used. Makes me want a cup of coffee right now.

Shooting food is something I've been doing more of over the last couple years and I really enjoy it. Here's to hoping there's more shoots like this one in the future.


Casket Maker for Montana Magazine

Its been almost a year since I drove backwood, dirt roads to Willy von Bracht's studio outside of Kalispell, Montana. Such a nice guy and what he creates makes for interesting converstion for sure: caskets. Willy has been been handcrafting caskets since 1972 and he is happy to take your order if you're so inclined. He's committed to crafting caskets at affordable prices for folks. If you've been thru the funeral process before you know how expensive caskets can be -- and Willy wants to provide an option outside of that. He also makes caskets that can be stored in your home as a functional bookshelf until you need it. Not something I would have thought of -- but I must say that's pretty smart.

Montana Magazine has sent me on some memorable assignments and Willy definitely falls into that category. This article ran last year in the June/July issue of the magazine. I'm just now catching up with categorizing some of my clips so look for more updates throughout the month.


Echo Lake Cafe for Montana Magazine

It's been a little while since I update here. More because I've been working lots and having to sit on the shoots than anything else. I shot this feature on Echo Lake Cafe here in the Flathead Valley back in January and you can find it in the current issue of Montana Magazine. I love doing shoots like this and while only a couple of images were used for the article I took oh-so-many more. I'll post more of the outtakes later this week but for now I just wanted to get on the blog updating train.


Commercial Work :: Shawna Moore for Blick Art ::

It's always nice to see the final product come together after a shoot. I shot Shawna Moore in her studio earlier this year and this is the final ad that the work will be used for. Cool projects with people you enjoy working with really make all the difference and this one is a nice way to start the year off.


Published: 406 Woman

At the start of this year I was approached by 406 Woman to shoot a feature on Tate Pastor Interiors. Heidi and Monica were a treat to shoot and I'm glad they put up with me for an hour. You can see this shoot in the most current issue of the magazine which is on stands now. Thanks guys! And thanks 406 Woman for the fun assignment.


shawna moore :: in the studio

Encaustic artist Shawna Moore recently asked me to do some shots of her working in the studio. Shawna is always fun to work with and it was nice to hang in her studio and get some shots of her most recent work. She's opening a show at Gallery Mar in Park City soon -- if you are in the area you should check it out. And as always she has work at Jest Gallery here in Whitefish.

For me it is always a treat to shoot creative people. It's fun to see how someone else works and thinks about being creative. It's fun to see what it takes for them to create. It's the same and different for everyone.


Sled Dog Days - Olney, Montana

I love shooting this event. It's so fun and everyone is so nice. And really - the dogs just love it which is so fun to see. This year the sun came out and it was absolutely beautiful. Here are a couple frames from over the weekend. You can also see some more images over on Lido's blog. Hope everyone out there is staying warm!