2011 End of the Year Wrap

Oh hey. I haven't been posting here much lately but it is more because I've been working and shooting and traveling and basically -- not blogging. I sat down to do an end of the year wrap up and I don't have much to post. I have several stories that people are sitting on till next year. Until they are published I don't have tons that I can post here....so...this will be a short wrap up.

In more ways than one this was a growth year for my business as a photographer. I'm still growing in my shooting but if I could show images of how much more organized my business life is it would be boring but accurate. Oh -- and the whole getting married thing was kind of a major part of things -- but I didn't take photos of that. So instead I'll just show you neat locations ... does that even out?

View of Glacier National Park from a helicopter ride in June.

Bikers -- East Glacier, Montana.

View from St. Mary's -- East Glacier, Montana

Two images from the Lorraine Motel in Memphis where Martin Luther King Jr. was killed.

Those were some of the more memorable locations I visited this year that I can show without spoiling publications for next year. As things move forward there should be more work on the blog but till then Happy New Year!!

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