portrait of two llamas

On the way home from an assignment for Montana Magazine today I stopped for some quality lama time. These two really made me laugh with how serious they look. So I thought I'd share their serious stares here. Check out the blog in the upcoming weeks for some of the work I've been sitting on for a while. I've just been waiting till things get published to run them here.


fashion show 2009

As part of the Bridal Expo this weekend I shot these photos during the fashion show. You can check out more fashion photos from the event on modwest's modblog.


love day 2009

So it's Valentines Day. For all you romantics out there here are some sweet pictures of some sweet couples. I'm not a huge Valentines Day girl but part of me can't help but be partial to a day devoted to love. What a nice break from winter, depressing news, and the like. So on that note I give you two happy couples who are lovely to be around. The first one is one Lido caught this past fall of our friends in Atlanta. The second one is from an engagement shoot I did at the end of last year.

If you are really feeling romantic you can check out more photos of happy couples at modwest photo. I'm really excited about this new opportunity to photograph couples, their weddings, and their families in a modern, romantic way. Enjoy!


cabin fever celebrates 50 years

Here in Whitefish there is a tradition every February. The town throws the Whitefish Winter Carnival and activities include a "Penguin Jump," parade, and the crowning of the Carnival Royalty. I haven't shot everything affiliated with the carnival this year, but I did makes some time yesterday to shoot the plunge. No matter how many times I see it I just can't imagine jumping into a frozen lake in the middle of February. However, I still love shooting other people doing it every time.


just a normal day

On my way home I spotted a dog sled team offering day rides. I couldn't resist stopping for a photo. Then down the street I spotted some border patrol agents on horseback outside the hardware store. Turns out they were desensitizing their horses to the city and being downtown before this weekend's Whitefish Winter Carnival Parade. You know, just your normal downtown stuff.

The horses are freeze branded as a part of the BLM Wild Mustang Program. This more humane way of branding leaves a mark that identifies them as part of the BLM program and gives their age.The crew leaving downtown Whitefish.