just a normal day

On my way home I spotted a dog sled team offering day rides. I couldn't resist stopping for a photo. Then down the street I spotted some border patrol agents on horseback outside the hardware store. Turns out they were desensitizing their horses to the city and being downtown before this weekend's Whitefish Winter Carnival Parade. You know, just your normal downtown stuff.

The horses are freeze branded as a part of the BLM Wild Mustang Program. This more humane way of branding leaves a mark that identifies them as part of the BLM program and gives their age.The crew leaving downtown Whitefish.


Kendrick Brinson said...

nice work!
lovelovelove the top photo.
it's so nice.

jmlowry said...

thanks lady! it's my favorite too. :)

loretta said...

Beautiful Montana Photos !
"Love it !"

kathleen greeson said...

oh yeah, just a normal day! The photo with the dogs is fantastic.