view from the top

I spent some time today up on Big Mountain. Here in the Flathead Valley there has been some dreary weather all around unless you head into the upper elevations. There it's clear skies. Right now you can even look out above the clouds. We are having an inversion where warmer air is trapped on top of the mountain and colder air is stuck below the clouds in the valley. Lido spent some time shooting this on Saturday and today was my turn. It really is one of the cooler things I've seen since I've been here. Plus, any excuse to be in the sun is a good enough reason to do something for me right now. So, these are some shots from my adventure today starting at the top and winding my way down to the bottom where it was ridiculously foggy. I think I might try to spend every Monday this way.

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Deb said...

Overwhelming and Gorgeous! Love the sharp, clear and precise photos. I am amazed with the one picture that has the trees with the snow on the one side, love how you captured that view.
will continue to watch for more in next weeks.