2009: let it snow

I've only been back in Montana for a couple days. In the short time I've been home the snow has been falling non-stop. Today there is an "Emergency Only" travel warning out because the roads are so snowy. This is a far cry from the 75 degree temps I left behind in Atlanta. And it seems it is only the beginning: we are supposed to have another eight inches fall tonight here in Whitefish.

So as I work from home today editing photos and catching up on paperwork from being out of town I'm watching the snow fall out my window. It's pretty...but I hope it stops soon. Just so we don't have to shovel the sidewalk 3 times in one day.

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Deb said...

OMG! Amazing photos and I realize that you are LIVING what most of us only see on TV or inthe Movies- Sending lots of warm thoughts and inspiration from Georgia.
Love Ya