Casket Maker for Montana Magazine

Its been almost a year since I drove backwood, dirt roads to Willy von Bracht's studio outside of Kalispell, Montana. Such a nice guy and what he creates makes for interesting converstion for sure: caskets. Willy has been been handcrafting caskets since 1972 and he is happy to take your order if you're so inclined. He's committed to crafting caskets at affordable prices for folks. If you've been thru the funeral process before you know how expensive caskets can be -- and Willy wants to provide an option outside of that. He also makes caskets that can be stored in your home as a functional bookshelf until you need it. Not something I would have thought of -- but I must say that's pretty smart.

Montana Magazine has sent me on some memorable assignments and Willy definitely falls into that category. This article ran last year in the June/July issue of the magazine. I'm just now catching up with categorizing some of my clips so look for more updates throughout the month.

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