Echo Lake Cafe for Montana Magazine

It's been a little while since I update here. More because I've been working lots and having to sit on the shoots than anything else. I shot this feature on Echo Lake Cafe here in the Flathead Valley back in January and you can find it in the current issue of Montana Magazine. I love doing shoots like this and while only a couple of images were used for the article I took oh-so-many more. I'll post more of the outtakes later this week but for now I just wanted to get on the blog updating train.


Alex said...

Great shots. Despite all my time in Bigfork, I never set foot in the Echo Lake Cafe. I think the parking lot being constantly full played a role.

jessica lowry said...

Thanks Alex! It really is delicious food there -- maybe if you guys go to the Flathead at all this summer you can stop in for some food. The deck there is fantastic.