it's brendan ..... it's brendan time

So Lido's friend Brendan is a superb trumpet player and came to visit and work in Whitefish for a couple weeks before heading off to his new job as a Professor in Hawaii. Before he left I did some headshots for him so he could be all professional on arrival. But I also just had some fun and played around. It was super fun and Lido and I can't wait to go hang in Hilo as soon as we possibly can.

Here's serious Brendan:

Brendan risking life and limb on a tire swing:

Lido's Brendan:

Congrats on your new job and we'll see you soon!


Brendan said...

I look so stoic against Sally's house! The tire swing should seriously be my head shot simply because of the tux top with shorts combo.

Thanks again!!!

Jessica Lowry said...

I think the shorts and tux combo is often overlooked.