trego thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving Lido and I packed up the car with his Mom and headed up to Trego. This is the Vizzutti family homestead and his cousin Katie and her boyfriend Keith now live there. We had a great time hanging out with everyone and I snapped some photos while we were there. It was nice to have a break from everything and just enjoy yummy food and good people.
Lindsey on the echo stump.

Lido calling his Grandparents to say Happy Thanksgiving while Keith prepares dinner.

Keith with a newly killed deer.

Katie and Lindsey.

Lido and I got into a camera war. This is one of the frames. I love it!

Andrea outside of the woodshed.

Awesome birds that I am going to learn how to make! How cute are they? My first attempt was horrible but I bet if I practice....

Andrea and Katie outside the woodshed.

Thanks for a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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