lets do the charleston

Lido and I took a couple days away from Atlanta to visit Charleston, South Carolina while we were on vacation. The weather was chilly but we had a great time wandering around the battery, having drinks at The Library and Rooftop Bar, and drinking lots of coffee. These are some images from the trip.
In the car from Isle of Palm to Charleston.

A view from the Battery.

Pretty buildings downtown.

An awesome English pub in Charleston. Yummy beer and food. And lots of dollar bills on the walls.

One of my favorite places to grab food. Traditional French fare for not too much. I had an apple tart and coffee: it made me want to move back to France.

Horse and buggy tours outside an art gallery we warmed up in.

This was the perfect place to hang before heading back to Montana for winter. I'm so glad we were able to fit in some down time here.


madeline said...

i LOVE that first picture of lido! haha. love it!

Jrich said...

I love Charleston. It is such a beautiful place and a photographers dream. There is so much color. If I was a wealthy gay man in my 50s, I would soooo being living there. One can dream.

Jessica Lowry said...

There is time between now and 50 for you to become a man and gay....just give it time. Thanks for checking out my photos though guys. I really appreciate it.