three girls, a room full of people, and annie leibovitz

Last night I had the chance to hear Annie Leibovitz speak to a gym full of people at the Marcus JCC in Atlanta. We parked at a different location and took a shuttle to the location which promptly sat in traffic heading to the event for about 2o minutes. Once we arrived I was amazed just how many people were attending. Tons.

I spent last weekend at the Atlanta Photojournalism Conference where I heard several accomplished photographers speak. In the end felt like most of the current shooters were pretty scared about losing their jobs or being turned into videographers. It was highly refreshing to see a room full of people clamoring to hear this one photographer speak about her body of work. Not everyone was a photographer. Lots of people just really enjoyed her work, or avidly read Vanity Fair, or were just a little interested in photography. They were willing to sit, wait, and listen. I often think that in today's digital age of immediate gratification people are no longer patient enough for a single photo. They are already on to the next thing. So for one night it was nice to sit with a group of people who wanted to know more about photography and just look at a photo or two.

Thanks to my friend Brooke for the free tix to the show. Here she is looking for a friend of ours in the audience.

Brooke's signiture boots.

Carleigh, me, and Brooke kicking it on the back wall before the lecture. Thanks for a fun night ladies.

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Jrich said...

Oh Annie! I'm so jealous. How was her talk? I have always heard that she was one tough cookie (that is a kind way of saying B****.) She does some amazing work. I love her earliest stuff best. It is so raw, gritty and real. Her stuff is so polished now.