the economy: part one

As the economic slowdown continues there is no shortage of the ways it is effecting the Flathead Valley and our surrounding areas here in Northwest Montana. Over the next couple of weeks look for this ongoing series of images about the economy here and how Montana is dealing with the changes.
The Flathead Valley has over 85,000 residents and has seen a 25% increase over the past decade. The valley has seen rapid growth over the last several years, but recent changes in the economy and layoffs at major employers have changed how quickly housing is moving in the market.


In 2006, Kalispell's city council approved the annexation of Silverbrook Estates. The area encompasses 325 acres off of highway 93. Since the annexation, the development is underway but slow. Summer is traditionally a strong time for real estate in the Flathead Valley, but till then many of the lots remain empty.

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