Mental Vacation

I don't know if, for me, there is any way better to relax than with the sand between my toes. Growing up as a kid my family took a yearly trip to Florida where there was usually no agenda and lots of beach time. As an adult, I miss having a whole week to just hang out by the water, eat seafood, and read. This summer has been non-stop, full-tilt, busy-to-the-max. But it did start off with some beach time.

These are a couple of out takes from my trip earlier this year to St. Thomas for work. Don't worry: we were able to squeeze in some margaritas between work. From Trunk Bay to Maegens Bay it was like being in Florida all over again, only with prettier water and more Rum. So from here at my desk I'm taking a little mental break and pretending I'm by the water again. If only for a couple minutes before heading back to my to-do list. You should too.

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