Cheers to 2010

Hayden Valley, Yellowstone National Park 2010

I think there are so many blog entries out in the interwebs that start with "I haven't been good about updating this blog." Let's just both give a nod of recognition and move on.

2010 brought a lot of changes for me personally and professionally. The more I've embraced my own photography the more opportunities and changes I've been presented with. I'm now a contributing photographer with Redux Pictures. I'm really excited about this partnership and how nice they have been to work with so far. Travel continues to be a major part of things: Atlanta, St. Thomas, New York, Tennessee, St. Louis, Wyoming and of course Montana and parts therein. That won't be changing next year and I'm looking forward to putting together the schedule in the coming months. You can also expect some changes to the website and new work as well. But as far as this year goes I got to spend so much time working on projects I really care about and seeing people I love. If those two things continue into next year I can't wait.

Here's to 2011 - cheers to you and yours. I hope the end of the year brings happy memories to you and excitement for things to come.

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