museums in seattle

If you are in the greater Seattle area any time soon I have a good tip for you: spend some time in the museums there. No seriously. Do it. They are fantastic. While in town last week we hit up the Seattle Art Museum, the Experience Music Project, and the Science Fiction Museum. Between the three you can catch an exhibit on the Muppets and Jim Henson, a special show on the Hatch letterpress studio from Nashville that specializes in posters for rock shows and the Opry, and an Andrew Wyeth exhibit. If you are like me by the end of it your brain will be a little mushy but I am still really glad I got to see all of it.

Sculpture at the Experience Music Project.

Outside of the Experience Music Project.

Left: Michael Jackson's glove. Right: Ceiling at the Experience Music Project.
Lido and a Museum.

Restroom in the Muppet exhibit.

Above and Below: Two more shots from the EMP. Ok..I love this museum.

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