seattle time is my favorite time

I just got back from a fantastic trip to Seattle and Vancouver, BC. Apparently Seattle is awesome. This was something I was previously unaware of. It has tons of things I love including great art museums, seafood, unending city blocks, some super awesome members of the Vizzutti family, and direct access to the ocean. Also: apparently Lido and I have the same eye in more ways than one -- you can see his work from Seattle over at his blog Latitude.

So here are some of my pics from this recent trip. Don't worry -- there are tons more. I was totally absorbed in the Experience Music Project and could have read everything there if my brain could have taken that much stimulation. So... there are more photos to come but for now here is just a taste.


madeline said...

great pics! i want to go to seattle!!

jessica lowry said...

Thanks! I loved it there. Get on a plane now! :)