blur of joy

Today is the first day I've had more than a little time to myself to do whatever I want. No deadlines. No rushing around. Just some quiet time with fresh, Montana snow falling out my window. After dozens of airports, hours of travel, and just generally working my tail off...this is an uber-treat. I'm planning on taking some time to focus goals for 2010 and organize some myself from this past year. But today, I'm so grateful to just have a little downtime.

This has been a year of tying up loose ends. I made some scary changes that are really paying off. I've started doing more work I actually love and less work I can't stand. I got engaged. My grandmother passed away. Friends/soon to be family welcomed a new baby to the world. I was able to spend lots of time with close friends and family that I often never see. I traveled more than I have since I left Chattanooga (Atlanta, New York, Jekyll Island, Arizona, Salt Lake City, Vancouver, Seattle). I'm even embracing Montana winter. So the following photos are the last breath of wrap up before the new year. 2009 seems like a bit of a blur right now but a warm, happy, laughing blur.

That's a good blur in my opinion. Happy end of 2009 ya'll.

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