well hey there 2010

I've seen so many articles and editorials out there about how the last decade was really a big waste. Just lots of people dying, multiple wars, and everyone generally losing lots of money. I get that. I really do. But for me it was a time where I met some of my very best friends, spent time doing work I love, and really enjoyed my life. So I hope there is more of that plus some in the next decade. So here's to 2010. Bring it.


Juliette said...

You don't need to bring it, cuz it's already on! Way to go Jessica. So proud of you and Lido for making 2009 an amazing year of your life. Hope to see you soon. There are clinical rotations in Whitefish that I may be trying to get next year. Although I might wait for the summer one and not the Jan, Feb rotation.

jessica lowry said...

Aaaa! Julie!!! Please come here anytime! We could have so much fun adventuring! Please keep us posted and if you need anything don't hesitate to call. We love and miss you!

Jess said...

Thanks for the sunnier outlook - I agree. Looking forward to the next decade and as always...I love to see your work!