foys to blacktail trails

I have been on the move over the last couple months. And one thing that travel hasn't left much time for is blogging. So for those of you out there that do follow my blog (Hi Mom!) I'm going to be updating more now that I'm back in Montana for a bit.

In October I had the pleasure of creating some new imagery for the folks at Foys to Blacktail Trails in Kalispell. This non-profit is working hard to secure public access to the trails above Herron Park and provide long-term maintenance of the trails. Everyone there was such a pleasure to work with and I am happy to support this organization in their efforts to create more public spaces for people to enjoy Montana.

You can learn more about Foys to Blacktail Trails here. There are numerous way to volunteer, give back, or make a donation on the site so take a minute to check it out.

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